Re: So why are we doing this?

Dick Harley <Dick.Harley@...>

As one who was permanently banded from the FCList unless I apologized to
Jim Six and his supporters (not likely), I personally hope that this could
be a forum for (mostly) serious discussion about the stated topic without
all the other BS that goes along with most email lists. I am not retired
and do not want do spend my days reading nonsense, hitting the delete key
or wishing people knew how to truncate old messages. I continue to spend
time and money doing a fair amount of railroad research - some of it
freight car related. I am more than willing to share that research with
those who appreciate the effort and contribute themselves. I'd be happy
if this list had three messages a week that were useful. I will not read
25 messages a day that are not useful. (And I have yet to see 25 messages
a day that were even 30% useful.) I prefer quality to quantity.

Whether this is what Mike Brock had in mind, I don't know. Whether this
duplicates the FCList, I'll never know.

Just my 2 cents,
Dick Harley

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