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Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Jeff Aley inquires earnestly

What's the latest on Branchline freight cars? Do they have
a version of their 50' box car that has a 10'6" IH and 4/4
early IDE's that can be used to model the UP A-50-18 and
The answer is manifold as usual. NO, Branchline 50 foot kits
do not include any 4/4 IDE's, since that car's design is too
late for those pre-1950 ends.

HOWEVER, I expect Branchline to produce 4/4 IDE's for their
40 foot kit, since that would allow BL to apply quite a few
additional paint schemes on the same AAR body style.

BUT, both the UP A-50-18 and the A-50-21 have the wrong style
of side sheathing (alternate center rivet) and more importantly
the wrong number of panels (4&7 vs 5&8). So if Branchline were
to produce those UP cars we would have to sneer at them, no?

Long ago I asked Martin Lofton why he didn't do some UP A.C.R.
cars. (He later did the B-50-32/33 and A-50-16.) He replied he
didn't think UP models would sell very well. I don't know why
he thinks that is so. I'd love to see more accurate UP kits.
As an SP modeler I've been blessed the last 10 years -- every
major SP 40 foot box car from the 1920's to the 1950's is now
available, and a fair number of 50 foot cars are too. The UP
modelers (and I am one) have far fewer to choose from.

Timothy O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Marlborough, Massachusetts

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