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anthony wagner

Re PRR box cars never going "home": My memory may be faulty but I seem to recall
reading long ago, probably in "Trains", that in the aftermath of the PC merger
someone in the car service department found records of an X29 that had been
built in the 1920s, loaded offline soon afterward, and had subsequently been
repaired and even repainted on other railroads, then ultimately retired without
ever having come back to the Pennsy. Don't know if it is true, but having worked
for a railroad for many years before incentive per diem rules changed things, it
certainly seems plausible. Tony Wagner

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You're not insulting the PRR by stating that a lot of PRR cars on the MStL
ended up with hot boxes.

There were just a lot of PRR cars in most locations in the country. PRR had
a lot of its box cars get picked up by Midwestern roads for use in grain
service, in your time. Lots of general service box cars rarely came home to
PRR rails, and correspondence indicates the PRR was concerned about not ever
seeing these cars.

I think some of it was that some cars series were intended for rebuilding,
but they could only grab up what ended up back on PRR rails; it was not like
they didn't appreciate the payments, right?

So, if you had a lot of old PRR gen service box cars on the MStL, it is
probable a good number could end up getting sent to the shop with a hot box.

Your statistics were fun to look at,

Elden Gatwood

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OK, Bruce Smith in message 100189 and Tony Thompson in message 100192 have
set me straight.

In my own case, using the Landmesser hot box list may lead me astray. To be
on the list, which was created in 1948, 1949 and 1950, a car had to be set
out or delay a train for some reason such as a hot box.

This list provides evidence that a specific car was on the M&StL and usually
also gives train # and load. That latter piece of info is interesting, useful
and, in many cases, something I couldn't have thought of for myself.

The question is, were these hot box cars evenly distributed throughout all
the car types and railroads that had cars on the M&StL? For example, of a
total of 1331 entries there are 39 NYC cars and 68 PRR cars. Does that mean
nearly twice as many PRR cars as NYC cars on the M&StL or were PRR cars more
prone to hot boxes? (No insult of PRR intended.) Is one car type more prone
to hot boxes than another?

In line with what has been said in other posts more than half were box cars.

74 flat cars (26 of which are M&StL)
112 gondolas (18 are M&StL)
53 hopper cars (36 are M&StL)
8 covered hoppers (all M&StL)
130 refrigerator cars (none M&StL)
12 stock cars (10 M&StL)
97 tank cars (none M&StL)
5 ventilated box cars (none M&StL)
750 box cars (88 M&StL)
85 unknown types (none M&StL)

This won't quite add up to 1331 because cabooses with hot boxes were not
included above.

In the case of covered hoppers and stock cars, I know just what I should do.
Beyond that ? ? ?

Or is all this academic? After all, short of scratch building one can only
have the models that exist whether RTR or kit.

Gene Green

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