Re: Underrepresented roads and car types (UNCLASSIFIED)

Benjamin Hom

Steve Lucas wrote:
"Until you mentioned this car having been repainted off the PRR, I'd have

that this was within the realm of possibility.

I just don't think that the Pennsy would lend out their stencils to an off-line
road or shop. So given a paint life of 15-25 years, this car would have been
re-painted at least once--off-line?? I suppose some industrious car shop painter

could have either used their road's stencils or made ersatz Pennsy stencils when

it came time to letter the car? I find this a little hard to believe..."

"Repainted" is perhaps too strong a word.  I have several photos from the Bob's
Photo collection and in the PRR Color Guides showing partial repaints of PRR
reporting marks using non-standard stencils on heavily weathered cars.

Ben Hom

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