Re: NMRA Conventions

Andy Harman

On Wed, 18 May 2011 12:37:25 -0700, Anthony Thompson wrote
Al, I personally agree with you, and as you know, I often
volunteer for talks and only rarely receive any kind of compensation.
I too have plenty of those "thank you" certificates. That doesn't mean
that ALL clinicians at all meeting should get stiffed. I've always
believed in helping those who need help.
It certainly makes sense to compensate travel expenses for a desirable clinician who
couldn't otherwise afford the trip, but these days travel expenses can be rather hefty
and just one round trip plane ticket could wipe out the entire budget for a small meet.

The NMRA convention is a bit different but not that much different. There isn't a lot
of extra capital there to spread around. Clinicians - and the attendees - will vote
with their feet. After 2005, I have not been to an NMRA national convention. I haven't
ruled it out, but certain things in life have changed. I don't have unlimited vacation
time, and there are enough RPM meets out there to keep me involved year round. Paying
full fare, air fare, and a week at a moderate to expensive hotel just to do two days of
RPM just doesn't have the appeal it once did. Not that the NMRA gig has changed all
that much since my first in 95; just that there are now quite a few alternatives that
offer up 90% relevant content for me at a fraction of the cost, as opposed to an
expensive week-long event that is 10-15% relevant content.


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