A new folder in files: "Prototypes for these HO models?"


Inspired by Tony Thompson, I figured I try setting up a place for the group to post info on the prototypes for various HO models. I was tremendously impressed by how everyone got together and did the Accurail gon. THAT was a fine piece of work by us! So why not have a folder that contains the various bits of research that some of us have done?

So, this is an experiment. I've never done this before. I may have done it wrong. It might need changes or replacing. Or it might just not be worth it. Anyway, I thought I'd give it a try.

If it does work, perhaps our dear list leader will someday make mention of it in the group description so that newbies will know the folder's there.

With a similar trepidation to when I used to be up in front of the class and giving an oral book report, I submit this to the group.


Edward Sutorik

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