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Now, I really know better than to open this can of worms, but having to
face a project on my desk, I just have to ask...

I'm working on building a PRR wire train rider/tool car, and wanted to use
a Westerfield PRR MOW XL commisary car as a starting point. From a photo
Al Buchan sent me, I can tell that the siding on these cars is V grooved,
with what appears to be a 3" board width, but is in reality a 6" board
width with a center V-grove as well as a V-groove edge (as was applied to
most PRR wood cabins). I wanted to match the siding used for the masters
for the Westerfield XL, but I can't seem to do it. Evergreen V-groove
(.03", .04") has either too wide or too narrow a spacing and Evergreen car
siding (3.5" boards IIRC) is just off a little bit in the spacing (actually
too narrow, indicating that the Westerfield model has boards that are a
little too wide <G>).

Any suggestions on matching the siding on these?

Happy Rails

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