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Right! 4th, 5th edition, USED, for cheap, is what you want.

If you have one of these, and realize what you're looking at in a photo, you
can approximate scale a lot better . . .


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I may be too late to jump into this discussion , but before everyone
runs out to the nearest college bookstore to buy the most current
AISC Manual , please note that many steel connections, details, and
sections have been removed from current steel fabrication practices
(in favor of hi-tens welding and bolted connections and higher
strength steel materials), plus as another reader pointed out, the
common "car building" sections have been replaced as well.

Best bet would be to dig around used book sites for AISC manuals from
the 40's and earlier, when those methods were still "en vogue" -
however, I'm not sure what all this information is going to do to for
a model builder other than give him a migrain.

The book this gentlemen found is probably the Architect's reference
guide book that shows the basic dimensional properties of steel
sections, plate, etc. This would be worth having - if only for the
building component.

Buck Dean, P.E.

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