Re: Rail Yards in Ohio

Tim O'Connor

Yes, but only after WWII.

At 5/23/2011 12:13 PM Monday, you wrote:
Sohio did business in Pennsylvania as Boron and IIRC in a few other states
surrounding Ohio

Rich Orr

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Frank are you sure? I looked up SOHIO's history online and for many years
it was not permitted to do business outside of Ohio -- but it dominated the
business within the state of Ohio (like 70%-80% of the market)! I think the
restrictions were relaxed later, or they found a way to conduct business
via subsidiary companies. But in Bill's pre-war photos, I think the SOHIO
signs are a very strong indicator of Ohio.


Bill, If everyone thinks the photo was taken in Ohio, it probably was,
but Standard of Ohio
also marketed in Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. Their primary territory
was, of course, Ohio.
FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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