Re: SP G-50-12 by Challenger

Tim O'Connor

30 bucks??? Does this guy have an address??

(I just saw one listed for $150)

Challenger imported both SP G-50-9 and G-50-12 models. And similar
UP gondolas too.

Tim O'Connor

At 5/23/2011 12:19 PM Monday, you wrote:
For Tony Thompson but open to all:

I attended a regional NMRA event this last weekend in Ocala, FL, at which
some guy was selling brass cars at rather low prices. I picked up an SP
G-50-12 by Challenger in mint condition for $30. I'm a bit curious about the
lettering. First, the number is good...92928. The style is like that on pg
124, car G-50-9, 46387 of your SP gondola/stock car book. However, it was
reweighed in 1940. And, an airbrake test was performed in 1946. It has a
Carmer coupler lever and a horizontal brake wheel [ rod parallel to the
rails ]. It also has a round rod that is part of the dump mechanism as
opposed to a rectangular shaped rod. Other than that, it appears to be
correct...without measuring it. There is no doubt that it is a
G-50-12...matching well with the photo on pg 100/101 except for the circular
dump rod and the " modern" brake wheel.

Mike Brock

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