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I attended a regional NMRA event this last weekend in Ocala, FL, at which some guy was selling brass cars at rather low prices. I picked up an SP G-50-12 by Challenger in mint condition for $30. I'm a bit curious about the lettering. First, the number is good...92928. The style is like that on pg 124, car G-50-9, 46387 of your SP gondola/ stock car book. However, it was reweighed in 1940. And, an airbrake test was performed in 1946. It has a Carmer coupler lever and a horizontal brake wheel [ rod parallel to the rails ]. It also has a round rod that is part of the dump mechanism as opposed to a rectangular shaped rod. Other than that, it appears to be correct...without measuring it. There is no doubt that it is a G-50-12...matching well with the photo on pg 100/101 except for the circular dump rod and the " modern" brake wheel.
Yes, I have a couple of the same Challenger cars, received gratis for having helped with proto info. You are right that the operating rod for the doors should be square. Some of the 1920s GS gons did get horizontal-shaft brake wheels in later years, but most retained their original vertical-staff brakes. As I'm sure you know, Mike, the car was delivered with two-level Dalman trucks and these were rarely replaced. Tahoe Model Works makes a superb version of this truck, which I commend to your use under this car.
I take it from your comment about lettering that the car has a spelled-out road name. This style was introduced in 1946, so the 1940 reweigh date is obviously obsolete; I assume you will change it anyway to reflect the era of your layout <g>.

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