Re: Overland 8K GATC tank car

Tim O'Connor

Mike, Overland also offered them in Sinclair (e.g. OMI 3482.8).

Search the STMFC archives for "HO brass GATC tank cars from OMI".
There were a number of emails on these cars in 2001. According to
Richard Hendrickson, the Union Pacific bought some too.

Tim O'Connor


I also managed to stea...uh...acquire an Overland GATC 8,000 gal vertical
course tank car...unpainted...Overland # 3481. Overland seems to think this
car served Oldetyme Distillers, Mi-Co, Gasoline, and Varnish Co...whoever
they are. So...if anyone has any info, I'd appreciate seeing it. And, yes, I
searched through the archives...without much success. The model was built in
2/2000 apparently.

I'll try to analyze it after it cools down a bit.

Mike Brock

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