Re: Why not model actual train consists? (UNCLASSIFIED)

Richard Hendrickson

On May 23, 2011, at 10:53 AM, Gatwood, Elden SAW wrote:

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For those many of us that cannot/couldn't host a "full-
sized" (whatever that
implies) layout, the "railfan" layout is a great compromise. I had
just one
fully-scenicked scene through which I ran my trains, and operated
it by
myself most of the time for the industries on that "museum-box"
layout. The
British have a long history of doing this. The rest of the layout
was just
staging. I liked it very much and am considering not ever going
for many reasons, the biggest being, "who is going to help me
operate a giant
Well said, Elden. My thinking exactly. To model prototypical main
line operations realistically requires a hell of a lot of real
estate. I' don't know of any small (e.g., bedroom-sized) layouts
where the potential for operations is at all satisfying, with the
exception of of a couple of room-sized or bookshelf-type layouts
representing switching in a particular city, or part of a city (Keith
Jordan's bookshelf switching layout representing a part of Los
Angeles comes immediately to mind).

Richard Hendrickson

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