Re: Why not model actual train consists?

Armand Premo

Well Bruce,one of the confining factors is a layout large enough to meet that goal.If one is restricted by space one might run through consists from one staging yard to locals,mixed , milk trains and extras.If you have a month of data I guarantee you will not get bored.Thirty days of wheel reports and only one or two ops sessions per month...........well I think you know what I mean.Armand Premo----- Original Message -----
From: Bruce Smith
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Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Why not model actual train consists?

>>> Jim Betz <jimbetz@...> 05/23/11 9:55 AM >>>
> So I'm prompted to ask "Why not model actual trains?" As in
>find a train sheet you like and go for it - with selective
>compression - of course. And then extend it to several trains.


Lots of folks do this or something similar. I disparagingly call it
"ground hog day" syndrome because you are doomed to repeat the same
thing over and over again. If you are interested in operations, this
really does not work. What operator wants to see the same train and do
the same work every time (hence the ground hog day moniker)?

If you're interested in ops (and to me that is what keeps a model RR
interesting), then you need to work with a fleet and a system that
realistically moves cars on, over and off of the railroad... hence my
interest in the fleet approach, since I am absolutely an operator, and
not a "railfan" modeler.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL


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