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Thanks, Richard.

When I first started seriously reining in my expectations (yeah, Horseshoe
Curve was long off that list), I went from wanting to model the entire
Monongahela Division from Pittsburgh to Brownsville (~50
miles)...."selectively compressed"....then understanding what that entailed
(approximately 50 freight trains and >10 passenger trains), to wanting to
model just the Mon from Port Perry south to West Elizabeth (now down to ~30
freight trains and 2 passenger trains), still with massive selective
compression, through several more last-go-round < 3 miles of
the Mon at Clairton, PA, with USS Clairton, and a half dozen industries
around it, plus an interchange with Union RR and the P&WV, and guess what...I
STILL need over 500 cars, dozens of engines, and the ability to makes up
around twenty through drag freights, transfers, locals and local switching,
just to make those 3 miles work...AND look right doing it. Trains that move
through the scene and never stop...those that drop off blocks and pick up and
leave...locals that do local switching and leave, and a local switcher. NO
spaghetti bowls, once-thru scenery laid out like the real thing, none of that
cramped scenery that I liked when I was a little guy, and the ability to make
and break consists in invisible staging. Even that fills most of an entire
2-car garage.

I don't know how others have the resources to do larger "operations", but I
have to give them credit. It is beyond me, and I still have hundreds of
freight cars to build....right.

Elden Gatwood

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On May 23, 2011, at 10:53 AM, Gatwood, Elden SAW wrote:

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For those many of us that cannot/couldn't host a "full- sized"
(whatever that
implies) layout, the "railfan" layout is a great compromise. I had
just one fully-scenicked scene through which I ran my trains, and
operated it by myself most of the time for the industries on that
layout. The
British have a long history of doing this. The rest of the layout was
just staging. I liked it very much and am considering not ever going
full-scale for many reasons, the biggest being, "who is going to help
me operate a giant layout"...
Well said, Elden. My thinking exactly. To model prototypical main line
operations realistically requires a hell of a lot of real estate. I' don't
know of any small (e.g., bedroom-sized) layouts where the potential for
operations is at all satisfying, with the exception of of a couple of
room-sized or bookshelf-type layouts representing switching in a particular
city, or part of a city (Keith Jordan's bookshelf switching layout
representing a part of Los Angeles comes immediately to mind).

Richard Hendrickson

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