Re: S Helper Service "Rebuilt Boxcar"

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

James D Thompson wrote:

There were some clone rebuilds that had flush sills, Wabash comes to
mind. Also, RF&P's lone s/s rebuild had flush sills. As for the
brackets, some rebuilds used a t-shaped piece rather than a
triangular cast bracket.

David, thanks for the reminder - I have several photos of the Wabash
rebuilds and should have noticed the flush side sills.

RF&P did a SS rebuild? You learn something new every day. Anyone
got more info and pictures?

The comparison to PRR Class X29B implied the T-shaped brackets - I
should have made that more explicit. Still, I haven't seen any
examples of this on a SS or DS rebuild.

All of this aside, the model still fails to capture the "wider body
dropped onto a older more narrow underframe" look; it's just visibly
too narrow.

Ben Hom

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