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Andy Carlson, lover of hyphens in Ojai CA, wrote:

We do not need to wait for some Details Whatever to get scale (or out-of-scale)
door stops. A decent part can be cast with 2-ton epoxy from Ace Hardware. Pour
into a single use mold made with modeling clay (or silly putty). A good door
stop is found on the Red Caboose(IMWX) '37 AAR boxcar. If you find any molded-on
door stop which you desire, copy it! If you want a bunch, make a semi-permanent
mold from single part 1200 degree Silicone auto exhaust sealer from the auto
parts store. I have a mold made with this stuff that has yielded over 60 (5
dozen) parts.
If you want to duplicate surface detail, like door hardware, make a mold of the complete door. Then carefully file or sand the detail you want to capture from the door pattern. Coat the modified pattern with mold release, fill the hardware cavities in the mold with daubs of resin, then press the pattern into the mold. After the resin has cured, pop the door out of the mold. Your surface detail will be cast in place on the door pattern, but easily removable because of the release agent.

Tom Madden

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