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Thanks for posting these. Add in the ones on the Photobucket site and there are a ton of photos of the meet on line. A good time was had by ALL in attendance. Mother Nature cooperated after a week of rain to give us a couple of nice days for the meet. As Andy documented with photos, and John mentioned with words, there were over 400 models, many of them steam era, is you check out the photo selection.

Many thanks to those that attended and I look forward to seeing more of you there next year.

Also, thanks to those that helped make the meet possible. You all know who you are, your assistance was invaluable.

Check out the sites below for more information and photos of the meet.!/pages/Central-Ohio-Prototype-Modelers-Meet/326645470797

Denis Blake

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Random photos of the meet, no captions... but it's quick and dirty and
they're up there.



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