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Joseph Lofland

John, et al,

Yes Marion is a great place to meet and watch trains. Absolutely great

Marion tower was moved from across the tracks and restored, however I think
you'll find that it's an Erie tower (AC) and the restored interlocking
equipment inside is Erie, not NYC. The Erie station is also a great example
of a groups effort's at restoration.

Joe Lofland

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 12:03 AM, John Golden <> wrote:


I went to the Marion, OH RPM meet this weekend and had a great time. I
been to all the RPM meets, of course, but Denis Blake has gotta have the
location by far. He hosts the meet in the old Marion Union Station, which
now a musem. There's a ton of historical stuff and signal equipment
located on
the site, including a nice operating layout.

The station is surounded by three double-track mainlines and although I'm
much of a modern railfan I thoroughly enjoyed the parade of trains going by
depot. I was only able to attend the meet on Friday but I'm sure I saw
trains of all types.

There's plenty of stuff for the steam era fan to research there too--the
Shovel Works, the Erie yard, all the industry that once kept Marion going.
of the best things about the museum is the simulator for the old NYC tower
governed the junction--it works, and you can go into the tower and "play"
signalman, working the levers on an actual timed scenario with a totally
model board. It is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. If you're a
era guy this is something you've gotta come and check out--it is worth the

We had a nice time and Denis was a great host. I saw about 400 models of
types and I understand more came on Saturday. We had inpromtu slide shows
the clinics were all excellent and held in an adjacent part of
the building.
The local restaurant--The Shovel (the name comes from the old Marion Shovel

Works which was next door)--had great lunch and dinner specials and was 20
from the depot. I spent a lot of time talking with Warren Calloway, Stan
Rydarowicz, and others--it was a nice time and I highly recommend it for
that want a break from the ordinary RPM meet. That is, of course, after
come to St. Louis in a few months...


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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