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Sorry, I had no idea so many of you owned real train consists!

I would be overjoyed to see even one, for my area, much less timeframe.

If you know anyone that has actual train consists for the PRR's Monongahela
Division or Branch, for any timeframe, I will gladly sell any body part in

Elden Gatwood

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For me modeling actual train consists is always the goal.

Bob Moeller
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We keep re-visiting the topic of freight car distribution ...
and discussing how to represent the freight cars for a point in time
or an "era" ... and then, presumably, adjusting the mix of freight
cars on our layouts ...

So I'm prompted to ask "Why not model actual trains?" As in find a
train sheet you like and go for it - with selective compression - of
course. And then extend it to several trains.

Is anyone out there doing this? Thinking seriously about it?
Tried it and found they couldn't field enough models to fill the bill
(how close did you get)? Selectively compress out the models you don't
have as a first cut? No, substitutions allowed (same number series but
different number)? One box car - from the correct era - is just as
good as the next?

You could even preserve the order of the cars in the train even if you
aren't modelling all of them. And 'just' adjust the waybills for the
- Jim Why Not

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