Re: Why not model actual train consists?


This amounts to assuming that the cars in your consists are representative of those in your modelled territory. Given a large enough data sample, that assumption may be good, although some pitfalls have been pointed out in this thread. (Two examples: [1] "Your" conductor may have worked only certain trains; [2] photographs obviously over-represent daytime trains, and may also over-represent trains doing something photogenic, e.g. climbing a grade.) Proceed, but with caution, I'd say.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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The flurry of responses has started to wind down. They are
all well thought out and great. Thanks.

So here's an update to my suggestion:

The major 'flaw' in my suggestion is that if you model
specific consists you will end up with ops that are 'boring'
(over time) ... unless you have a fleet that is much larger
than the normal layout. I agree with this.

So what if your -fleet- is modeled based on actual train
consists ... but you don't use those consists for your ops -
or if you do use them duirng ops you only do so on a few
trains or only on "special occasions"?
- Jim

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