Re: Why not model actual train consists?

Armand Premo

Not to belabor this issue,but I just checked a whole month of wheel reports to see what the correlation was with the Twenty Largest railroads.The results were not really earth shattering.However,while some roads were well represented some were not in the top twenty for that moth.Other roads not in the top twenty had many more cars during that month than those on the list..
-If one has a sufficient amount-of data as well as a large-enough roster modeling actual train consist should no be boring.-- I try to remove most of the cars used in an op session and replace them with other cars for the next op session.In betwee I make up the train that will run on the during the next session.Not seeing the same cars over and over will help to make the process less boring.Your comments will be appreciated.Armand PremoOriginal Message -----
From: Jim Betz
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 12:02 PM
Subject: [STMFC] Re: Why not model actual train consists?


The flurry of responses has started to wind down. They are
all well thought out and great. Thanks.

So here's an update to my suggestion:

The major 'flaw' in my suggestion is that if you model
specific consists you will end up with ops that are 'boring'
(over time) ... unless you have a fleet that is much larger
than the normal layout. I agree with this.

So what if your -fleet- is modeled based on actual train
consists ... but you don't use those consists for your ops -
or if you do use them duirng ops you only do so on a few
trains or only on "special occasions"?
- Jim


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