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There were some clone rebuilds that had flush sills, Wabash comes to
mind. Also, RF&P's lone s/s rebuild had flush sills. As for the
brackets, some rebuilds used a t-shaped piece rather than a
triangular cast bracket.

David, thanks for the reminder - I have several photos of the
rebuilds and should have noticed the flush side sills.
David and Ben,
The Wabash cars with the flush side sills are a result of a second
rebuilding which started two years after the period of this group---
1962. Car bodies from 83, 84, and 85000 series rebuilt cars were
placed on the floor and underframes from 13500-14849 series 41'-6"
gondolas. Trucks from the gons, both AAR standard and Andrews, were
used. The rebuilt cars were numbered 85200-85899 and had both 10'-4"
and 10'-0" IH's. Car interiors were lined with plywood
for class A loading. Side sills appeared to riveted to the
underframe and the car body welded to the side sill. The center sill
which was a foot longer than usual stuck out an equal amount on each
end of the car. Cars were noted for some having a combination of
corrugated and dreadnaught ends, sometimes on the same end. Car
85346 had a 3/7/4, B end, with the top two sections corrugated and
bottom dreadnaught. Sorry I snuck past 1960.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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