Re: Why not model actual train consists?

Clark Propst

I remember a layout at a train show many, many years ago that was nothing more than plywood topped tables, painted green, and a couple loops of track. They would run a specific train from a train list. I those days most of the cars were Athearn with custom paint jobs. I was a fledgling at the time, but was impressed by what they were trying to do.

I model one town, so there is a duplication of car routing because it's an originating/terminating point. Same cars go to the same places. That's what happens when you build cars from railroad documentation with specific loads. I move commodities, but freight cars. I do try to not use the same cars each session and not all customers are switched each day (ops). I have a packing plant on the layout. That place gets reefers and tank cars that are the same, just different numbers. I use 9 reefers a session, but am up to 18 cars in my roster. That means some cars will only show up every third ops (not all reefers are swapped each session). Sessions are every third Monday night, so about once a month.

One of the operators has memorized a few of the car moves. He knows that if he sees a IC reefer on the layout it has bananas and will be spotted at the ramp for off loading. Another local layout owner said he had changed some car card routings and his guy still spotted the cars at the old locations - Caught in the act : )
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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