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Bruce F. Smith <smithbf@...>

Buck sez:
Time to fall back to the old dental tool method for making siding if
you can't find an Evergreen stock item to match. Rather than take
up everyone's reading time with this here on the board, if you'll
email me , I'll walk you through the steps.
Thanks for the offer - In looking at this project more last night I
realized that I can use the Evergreen freight car may even
simplify the "bash".

My problem with this MOW car is that the window arrangement is different
from any of the the MOW XLs that Westerfield sells. So my original plan
was to cut the sides of one of Westerfield's kits up, rearrange whole
pieces of side and add siding as needed to fill gaps. This would allow me
to preserve details like the corner braces. Instead, I think that I will
simply drop Al W's windows into a new side, after cutting them out of the
XL kit side. The other details are pretty easy to add (DA NBW castings,
styrene for the fascia and corner braces)...heck this might be easier! In
both cases I would use the XL kit ends, and the board spacing is "close
enough" that no one will notice the difference between the ends and the
sides. Of course I'll use the XL unterframe as well. As it is, I'll need
to use TWO XL kits to harvest the correct windows, but parts of the second
one will get put to use building an FXL "living and idler" flat car...

In the end, these bashes will fit right in with the other 8 PRR MOW XL camp
cars that will make up three (or four) seperate MOW trains on my layout.

Happy Rails

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