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Greg Martin

Bruce Smith (smithbf@...) writes:

Yes Bruce there is a wood God and we still have trees here in Oregon, lots of them...

Now, I really know better than to open this can of worms, but having to
face a project on my desk, I just have to ask...

I'm working on building a PRR wire train rider/tool car, and wanted to use
a Westerfield PRR MOW XL commisary car as a starting point. From a photo
Al Buchan sent me, I can tell that the siding on these cars is V grooved,
with what appears to be a 3" board width, but is in reality a 6" board
width with a center V-grove as well as a V-groove edge (as was applied to
most PRR wood cabins).<
Your observations are correct the "patterned stock" for "car siding" is 1"x6" V&CV T&G S2S REV which translates into VEE and Center Vee, Tounge and groove, Surfaced two Sides, Reversible center matched. Ths gives the impression of 2 piece of 1"x3". The patterned stock was "normally" run up on stock that was Ayes & Btr Clear Verticle Grain material. This helped reduce cupping, but the grade allows for some slash grain which once painted doesn't hold paint quiet as well. Thus you will see certain boards loose paint long before others.

I wanted to match the siding used for the masters for the Westerfield XL, but I can't seem to do it. Evergreen V-groove(.03", .04") has either too wide or too narrow a spacing and Evergreen car siding (3.5" boards IIRC) is just off a little bit in the spacing (actually too narrow, indicating that the Westerfield model has boards that are a little too wide <G>).

Any suggestions on matching the siding on these?

Happy Rails
Good Luck trying to match the siding to Al's it might be tough to do. BUt I would think that the narrower would be closer to correct.

Greg Martin

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