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Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

Mike Broke (doing what he does best!) wrote

Geeez. And us with no HK-50's
Challenger, brass.

or HK-70-1's
Marklin, plastic? pot metal? tin foil?

or those tank cars with the rivet lines perpendicular to the track
Vertical courses. Overland and W&R did some. But I have to concur
with Byron, plastic is the way to go with riveted tank cars.

or insulated tank cars?
Any ones in particular that interest you?

You expect us to buy Cajun flat cars instead?
Not unless you're an SP modeler.

Heck, we still need the C&O two bay hopper.
You mean the alternate standard AAR design? I'm SURE this will be
done in plastic. Someday. It's just crying out for someone to do it.

Dare I mention the N&W HL or H9?
You can mention them, but brass hopper models of prototypes
that ran in groups of 100 on a single railroad doesn't seem
like a great idea.

And what about an R-40-14? For that matter, what about a 50'
PFE express reefer? Has anyone done one?
We could probably talk Frank Hodina into doing them both! That
would pretty much close the books on PFE models for the years
prior to 1950.

Yes, I know the athearn car can be made into a fairly good
stand in... [for a PFE express reefer]
I have the Metro brass model, and there is little resemblance
to the Athearn car.

Timothy O'Connor <>
Marlborough, Massachusetts

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