Re: S Helper Service "Rebuilt Boxcar"

Earl Tuson

From: "Benjamin Frank Hom" <b.hom@...>

Normally I try to avoid posting info outside of my scale,
but I just posted a reply on the Pennsy list concerning
these cars and I thought I'd share of my thoughts here
with the list, especially Jeff English, Earl Tuson, and
the local S scale community.
Several of the S scalers on this list discuss S specific
prototype modeling, primarily freight cars, in a different
forum, after having had a "trainset bozo" sort of
experience on the so-called S scale yahoo group.

S Helper Service recently released a "40 ft Rebuilt
Boxcar" in S Scale
Actually, it has been around for many years now.

the model has a number of serious shortcomings.
Yep, we have covered the car on both this list and the
alternate S scale one.

it's pretty obvious that the tooling for this car was
modified from SHS's USRA SS boxcar.
You are quite correct in this regard. The SHS USRA SS,
"S-40-10" stockcar, rebuilt boxcars, and more recently,
their USRA DS car, all share some tooling. The models have
progressively strayed further from their intended prototype
on each successive reuse of the molds. The DS car still
uses the SS car's narrow ends, the side sill is flush with
the outside of the sheathing, and the Murphy XLA roof
overhangs the car sides. If you did not know they intended
it to be a USRA DS car, you would not guess. It is an
absolute caricature; I would rather run a AF "X-29" than
this abomination. F&C did a lousy kit of the USRA DS years
ago. I have two, and will rework them rather than... How
many ways can I express my disatisfaction?

Underframe: USRA SS car (?)
FWIW, the most recent paint scheme released using this body
has in fact included a fishbelly underframe fairly
approximating the USRA cars', having been borrowed from
their ACF Type 3 reefer.

This model is probably closest to the ACL and SL-SF USRA
DS rebuilds;
The latter is the new scheme I refer to. Curiously, SHS
has never offered the rebuild in ACL or CW&C reporting
marks, despite my having made them very aware of the
prototypes and directing them to (Jim Six's?) article.

This model is better left to the American Flyer crowd.
That does describe the bulk of SHS customers.

Serious S scalers deserve better.
Such as my SRCC kits!

Despite the paragraphs above, SHS can be commended for
several of their cars: the 53'6" GSC flat, PS-2 hopper, and
USRA SS are good reproductions of the intended prototype.
I have never researched the stock car, never laid hands on
a three bay PS-2, and don't care about the International
extended vision caboose, although I have heard good things
about it. The is somewhere between the first three and the
rebuild. SHS's next project is going to be a 14000 series
LV composite hopper, which will probably later morph into a
USRA twin and a 20's era NYC 30'6" offset twin (how do you
spell disaster?) They have announced that they will make a
steel roof for the reefer, mount it on the USRA SS UF with
AB brakes, and offer more roadnames for that one.

Earl Tuson

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