Re: SHS rebuilds


Hello, I am one of those S scalers on this list and feel I have to mention
that although S Helper service is guilty of making an improper "rebuilt"
boxcar, the majority of their models are better than very good. It also has
to be pointed out that the very limited market for S scale (including Hi-rail
and/or tinplate) is fortunate indeed to have these injection molded plastic
models. Hey, I don't even complain that the cars come equipped with Hi-rail
wheels and AF compatible couplers, the code .110 scale wheelsets are included
and easy to install. Buying and installing the Kadee S scale 802's is also of
no major concern for me. I don't plan to have a several hundred car fleet,
maybe 150 when all is said and done. I don't even mind buying the occasional
"incorrect" car to help the cause. I also still build craftsman kits and the
plastic Pacific Rail Products kits along with a few of this list's beloved
resin kits (NYC Despatch hopper and Erie Dunmore, both F&C kits) An
occasional scratchbuilt car when I find the time (DL&W 42' wood milk car in
progress). Oh yes also working on one of Earl's Std Rwy Castings kits.
Without those SHS cars to help fill in the roster quickly, I'd be hard
pressed to get a lengthy train together. Thanks for reading guys, buy
yourself at least one S scale car for your display shelf, I don't think
you'll be disappointed. Bud Rindfleisch

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