Re: News Flash... Alien Attacks Testors Liquid Cement

Jared Harper

Horrors! Do the enter cat doors too?
Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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Armand Premo wrote:

" I am having problems with Testors' liquid cement"

Tony ask:
"Have you been using the bottle for some time? "

Schuyler adds:
"Two of these joints set up perfectly. The third . . . simply WOULD NOT
BOND, but only on one side. The other side would bond, but the one side would
not stay glued together."

It's the friggin" SHAKE N TAKE ALIENS... there back again. They stole my
Shake N Take Disc for the X45 along with the kit and the two extra sets of
hand-outs... Their back and they only attack SHAKE N TAKE Modelers ...
They screw with your glue while your sleeping... Hide your stuff... Their
smallish with Almond shaped black eyes and they come in your dog doors while
your asleep...

Greg Martin

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