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Peter Ness, that would be the 49' version of the 52' Bethlehem Steel that I was referring to...I did know the Athearn car was a "shorty", yet still I recall a couple of threads referencing a prototype. It could well be the model subject was indeed another gon at the time, which may be why my thread searches were unsuccessful...

Peter Ness

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Peter Ness wrote:
> I recall (perhaps sometime in 2010) there were a couple of posts on
> the accuracy of the Athearn covered 52' gon. I recall (vaguely) at
> the time the response was this car was most similar to either a
> Reading or Erie car and there was a link to a photo of the protoype.

Peter, I'm no expert on covered gondolas, but it would be amazing
if the Athearn covered gon has a prototype, as the underlying car has
only a few, and most of them only if you modify the car. And BTW, it's
not a 52-foot car inside length. Measure it again.

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