Re: SHS rebuilds

Benjamin Frank Hom <b.hom@...>

Bud Rindfleisch wrote:

"Hello, I am one of those S scalers on this list and feel I have to mention
that although S Helper service is guilty of making an improper "rebuilt"
boxcar, the majority of their models are better than very good."

Yeah, but when they screw up, it's a doozy - the "rebuild" and USRA DS
cars are examples of what happens when you recycle tooling too many times -
each compromise that you make adds up until you have a model that's a
mishmash of several prototypes that doesn't represent anything. Think of it
like trying to drive a mountain road in a car with the windows painted over
with a stopwatch and road map. You'll do okay at first, but pretty soon
your errors add up and you end up going over a cliff.

"It also has to be pointed out that the very limited market for S scale
(including Hi-rail and/or tinplate) is fortunate indeed to have these
injection molded plastic models."

That's true, but a badly done kit of a previously unavailable prototype has
the effect of drawing off sales of better models that come later, especially
in a limited market such as S scale. The Kadee PS-1 broke this trend, so
maybe there's hope. Then again, HO is a much bigger market.

"Without those SHS cars to help fill in the roster quickly, I'd be hard
pressed to get a lengthy train together."

That was true 15 years ago in HO too, but we didn't get to where we are
today by accepting bad models. An inaccurate kit is an inaccurate kit, no
matter what the scale. $35 is a lot to spend on a train filler. Why should
you reward a manufacturer for making willful mistakes?

Ben Hom

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