O Scale Wabash Hopper Decals

Gary Roe


A project is underway to produce Wabash hopper decals in O Scale.
Basically, these would be O Scale versions of Mark Vaughan's HO hopper
decals. At this time, it is planned to have both 18" and 33" Wabash
lettering, as well as Ann Arbor lettering.

These are going to be done by Dick Kuelbs. He said that he would like to
find out how many people might be interested in these sets. To find out
more info, and to indicate your interest, please write to Dick at the
following address, and include a phone number where he can reach you. Dick
does not write e-mail.

Dick Kuelbs
P.O. Box 830191
Richardson, Tx 75083-0191

gary roe
quincy, illinois

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