Re: Styrene cements


Jared Harper wrote:

I am surprised no one has mentioned MEK. That's all I have been using for years to join styrene. It works great!


I too am a straight MEK devotee'. Works da' Bomb!!! Would not consider using anything else.

I had an "in" with a pharma supplier in Upstate NY, that allowed me to obtain reagent grade MEK by the gallon.

I store it in a sealed, screw-top metal can. That gallon has lasted me over a decade, and it's still going strong with no degradation whatsoever. I think I flipped the guy $5 for 128 ounces.

At somewhere around $5 a bottle (retail) an equivalent quantity of Tenax would run you about $640.

I could be spending that money on other modeling supplies!!

Matt Forsyth

Modeling the D&H Penn Division
Erie Jefferson Division
In "O" Scale, Proto 5-0
Summer of 1951

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