Re: covered gondola help

Greg Martin


Hope I am not to late to the party. As I reminded everyone at my Clinic in
Cocoa Beach when we were cutting these critters up to make something a bit
more scale out of them (thanks to Richard Hendrickson's suggestion) these
are is BOX SCALE... Just like the flat car, whatever it took to fit in the
little blue box.

Greg Martin

_prness@... (mailto:prness@...) writes:

Hi Folks,

I am suffering from a major bout of CRS on this topic. I have searched
posts to no avail, so I apologize for taking up bandwidth in advance.

I recall (perhaps sometime in 2010) there were a couple of posts on the
accuracy of the Athearn covered 52' gon. I recall (vaguely) at the time the
response was this car was most similar to either a Reading or Erie car and
there was a link to a photo of the protoype.

As always, any and all help greatly appreciated in advance.

Peter Ness

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