FS: New Products from Mount Vernon Shops

John S. Frantz

To Whom It May Concern:


Mount Vernon Shops is happy to announce the introduction of
two new products this week to its line.


1. HO Scale PRR GLc and GLca decals. These are for cars done
in the PRR’s Circle Keystone Scheme. There is enough data to do six cars on the
set. It includes 6 different re-weigh locations on the PRR System and also the “Coal
Goes to War” Monogram for 3 cars as well.


For more information follow this link: http://www.mountvernonshops.com/GLC.html


2. HO Scale LCL Bulk Merchandise Containers. These are being
produced in a limited run for me. These are one-piece cast urethane bodies and
only require paint and lettering and they’ll be ready to include as a Gondola
load. They’re being sold in packs of 10 with decals for the following roads:
NYC, RDG and PRR. The expected delivery of these to me is Mid-Summer of this
year. For anyone that pre-orders at lest one pack with me prior to arrival of
them they will get free shipping.


For more information, follow this link: http://www.mountvernonshops.com/C1.html


If anyone has any questions regarding the above products or
any others listed on my website please contact me at the following email: jfrantz@...


Thank You and Best Regards,

John Frantz



Mount Vernon Shops

York, PA



Specializing in
products for the Prototype Modeler!

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