Re: Pre-30s Geo Survey Topo Map of Clifton Forge and Covington area


Thanks to many who have provided me with three or four more sources over and above

Al Kresse, currently with the MOS of "Garden Slave and Dog Washer"

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Have you tried the Virginia Department of Mines?

Several years ago I needed an old topo of the Elkins, West Virginia area. I called the West Virginia Geological Survey and obtained a reprint of an early 1920s topo that fit my needs. Just thought there should be something similar in East Virginia.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Modeling the railroads of Newburgh, Ohio, circa 1926:

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I'm looking for a pre-CCC projects Geo Survey Topo maps of the Backbone-Covington-Potts Creek - Rich Patch-Clifton Forge, Virginia area before all the work projects turned old railroad roadbeds into local roads or fire trails.  That whole area should be a maze of mine or furnace trackbeds. Blast furnaces closed in the teens and twenties, but their iron ore mines stayed open longer.

The quadrant should break right around Low Moor between Covington and Clifton Forge.  WE have an 1894 topo map of Clifton Forge east almost to Goshen and down to Glenn Wilton.


Al Kresse

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