Re: Looking for builder's photo of PS-1, NH 35149

Peter Ness

If your interested contact me off list. I purchased a print of NH 35149 from Bob's Photos a couple years back when researching New Haven 40' Steel Box cars for a clinic and an article. I'd be happy to share a high-res electronic version for your personal use.

I'll swap you an electronic version of NH 35149 for NH 35517 if you're interested? Especially if your photo includes the "B" end. The NH 35400-35799 series were originally equipped with Klasing brake wheels according to NH equipment drawings.

I have not been able to discover a reasonable justification by the New Haven for staying with 10' IH cars. With the exception of the 1000 early PS-1 10'6" IH cars purchased between 11/47 to 1/48, the railroad stayed with 10' IH steel box cars until 1953. I do have a few of the old Kurtz Kraft/Cannonball Car Shops PS-1's that I will try to shorten and re-scribe panels...someday. Without digging out my notes I believe the 10'IH early PS-1's were only sold to one other railroad (Clinchfield?) if that, so I doubt they will ever be commercially produced (at least until not after I build some!). I have a very limited amount of information on the re-sale of NH boxcars to other railroads...maybe some of these early 10'IH PS-1's went to PRR, ATSF, B&O etc...THAT would be enough to get the commerically produced!

Peter Ness

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On May 31, 2011, at 3:08 PM, Bryan Busséy wrote:

> Since I don't have that volume, I must have it in reprint form such as
> the Train Shed Cyclopedia or Railway Prototype Cyclopedia. Thanks for
> the info.

The builder's photo has never been published in RP CYC mainly because
the image isn't available from any known sources of Pullman-Standard
builder's photos, such as the Smithsonian Haskell & Barker Collection
at the Smithsonian Institution or the Andrew Merrilees Collection at
the National Archives of Canada. The latter collection includes
numerous photos that were published in Simmons-Boardman publications
including the Car Builders' Cyclopedia.

While it's not a builder's photo, I have an excellent photo of NH 35517
taken of a new car built 5-48 from the same series. The photo was taken
by George Sisk, and I obtained a print from Charles E. Winters many
years ago. This photo was published on page 26 in the July 1987 Model
Railroading Magazine.
Ed Hawkins

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