Re: SHS rebuilds


Ben, You have some good points, but if you've never been an S scaler, you
just wouldn't understand the logic we sometimes subscribe to. Like the one
Harley Davidson ad states: "if I have to explain, you just wouldn't
understand" I too am picky on my choices of rolling stock and try to correct
any inaccuracies as time and ability permits, I find the 98% majority of
people who would see the layout wouldn't know the difference but I build to
satisfy my own standards. Having been forced to kitbash Am Flyer, build
wooden craftsman kits, etc over the years, I've realized that I ain't gonna
live forever and the eysight and manual dexterity are already not what they
once were (which is why I went into S years ago) So I'll buy only a few of
these inaccurate cars to hopefully be replaced by the more accurate kitbashes
as time permits (if I do end end up living long enough to enjoy the fruits of
the labor) You HO guys are fortunate to have so many choices but I wouldn't
trade places with you for anything. Bud

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