Re: Farmalls and Mix'd freights

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Greg Martin writes:

I have been doing a little photo research on Farmalls and mix'd freights
I found a shot in (the Late) Don Ball Jr's book America's Colorful
Here is what I have found so far ... on page 178, at the bottom a 1956 UP
mix'd steam local and two cars back there are at least 3 Farmalls on an
unidentifiable flat. (great color photo though check out the stock cars)
Greg, good info. Let us know of other shots. I have completed putting 4
Athearn tractors on an F-50-11 52 ft flat car...cables and all. The issue of
how many tractors and their placement is an interesting one and it is best
to not jump to too many conclusions about rules I think. Some have written
something about no less than 6 tractors to a car. I doubt that there would
be any restrictions on how few tractors could be placed on a car. If a
customer wanted to ship less than 6...he would and I suspect that the RR
would be glad to provide a car. There is an interesting shot of tractors on
a flat in Big Boy Portraits, pg 93. There are two tractors in a position
somewhat parallel to the car and one at the far end one at a 90� to the
others [ July 1954 ]. I have not seen this arrangement in an AAR plan.

Mike Brock

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