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Thomas Birkett

I recall Santa Fe drawings were drawn from above the underframe. Topeka
built them upside down and rolled them over wither in a turnover jig or with
chains around the coupler shamks


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Tim O'Connor wrote:
Tony is that really true? I mean, when I was very young, I worked as
a draftsman at a naval architecture firm, and all of our drawings
were made from the point of view of the builder (welder,
pipefitter). Perhaps box car floors are shown from above because
that's what they looked like when the car was being built?
I may have overgeneralized to say that ALL railroad draftsmen
did ANYTHING. But sure, the reason could well be for convenience of
whomever would use the drawing. But against that is the fact that
underframes were usually built, and brake gear added, with the
structure upside down, so that workmen WERE looking at it from the
bottom when it mattered.
I will ask Steve Peery about this, who did some drafting work
when he was at SP and has been responsible for more in his years at

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