Morrell Reefer decals

Douglas Harding

A friend asked for some help acquiring Morrell Reefers or decals in HO. He
wants the logo with the heart. He has one Intermountain did using their
R-40-23 reefer, which is a produce reefer. I told him about the Red Caboose
Mather car, but he models 1965, wants some steel side reefers. I suggested
Jerry Glow for decals and contacted John Greedy for assistance. Here is what
John offered for information.

Morrell's "Big Heart" logo evolved from Morrell's Strong Heart dog food
logo. Morrell leased new built steel reefers in 1954 from North American in
the 300 series possibly intermixed with cars leased to Hormel. These cars
had a distinctive horizontal seam between the sheathing. Cars were
originally delivered in the Morrell RED BANNER logo. The "Big Heart" logo
began to appear in the late 50's and repainted onto the new steel cars as
well as the 40ft Mather leased cars.

As far as decals go, I believe that Champ had the only Big Heart decal set
(HR-64). Sunshine has available "Red Banner" decals.

Morrell also had some 50ft ice reefers (MRRX) that appear to be new built in
late 50' early 60's. Some were converted to mechanical cooling via
ThermoKing end mount units and some of these even ended in service with
Hormel when Hormel acquired the Ottumwa plant.

In response to a mockup showing NADX 349 by Jerry, John added:

There are at least 3 North American logos:

1. rectangle with black outline and lettering with red edging on
the outline.

2. trapezoid with wide red outline and black lettering

3. identical but with a white background inside the outline (the
outline is black not red).

Note that the door hinges and latches are body color rather than black.

The North American logo should have a slight slope ascending to the right.
Further comments:

1. latch bar should be orange

2. what about return to stencil? #349 was assigned to the fresh
beef slaughter at Estherville, Iowa. Between the left side grabs




VIA SERVICE ROUTE all on four lines

3. Don't forget the end reporting marks in WHITE "NADX 349" all
on one line

An alternate variation for later repaints is a solid orange side, roof and
ends with the Big Heart logo, reporting marks without bars and capy data
centered under number, North American logo is now trapezoid sloped to the
right with the "North American" horizontal and with a white background.

Can anyone add to this information? Or have photos to share?

If you are interested in decals for a Morrell reefer suitable for the 50's
contact Jerry Glow at

Doug Harding

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