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Looking at that flatcar, I would say that it had a full load as all the
visible tractors are loaded to the side suggesting that there are more than
the three visible tractors.
As a side note, I attended an Airshow today where I photographed both a John
Deere model B and a Farmall H (It is amazing what turns up at these events
!). I will post the shots in the file area for everyones reference.

Also of note is the load of green 6 wheel quary dump trucks on page 156.

Ian Clasper

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Hey Yuze Guys,

I have been doing a little photo research on Farmalls and mix'd freights
I found a shot in (the Late) Don Ball Jr's book America's Colorful
Here is what I have found so far ... on page 178, at the bottom a 1956 UP
mix'd steam local and two cars back there are at least 3 Farmalls on an
unidentifiable flat. (great color photo though check out the stock cars).
find some of his books very good for reference but the quality of some of
prints he published sometimes leaves a little to be desired. This photo is
quite nice as the color held up on it over the years just right.

Greg Martin

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