Re: Tractors per Flatcar & Rates Charged?

lawrence Jackman <ljack70117@...>

You can be asured that the rate will be high enough that you will not
want to ship one tractor. So if I want to ship a carload of wheat, can I
ship one grain in the car?
Thank you

dehusman wrote:

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I agree with Mike's point on this but it raises the question of the
basis for
the charges. If the car was full was it considered a bulk
shipment, and if
not were they considered LCL and subject to a different freight
rate? Or was
there some threshold? Anybody know more about how this worked?
It depends on the tariff, if its a carload rate then one tractor or 6
tractors is carload. If its a rate per pound or item then there was
probably a minimum weight or number of items required to get the
rate. Less than that probably went at a higher rate. The maximum
number was set by the capacity of the equipment.

Dave H

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