Re: Tractors per Flatcar & Rates Charged?

lawrence Jackman <ljack70117@...>

Then in that case the distributor would have to ship LCL. If he was not
shipping a carload which the manufacture shipped to him, He is stuck
with LCL.
Will be down here this Friday, Saturday or Sunday?????
Thank you
Larry Jackman

Mike Brock wrote:

Larry Jackman notes:

You can be asured that the rate will be high enough that you will not
want to ship one tractor. So if I want to ship a carload of wheat, can I
ship one grain in the car?
I dunno about grain...or even one tractor...although there is a shot in a
Pentrex Big Boy tape clearly showing one piece of farm equipment on one flat
car and, of course, we have the single bull dozer on the flat car in
Crossing Sherman Hill. The point is not, however, that John Dere is
necessarily shipping new tractors to a distributor but, rather, a
distributor...say down in Greeley, CO shipping less than 6 to Harriman, WY,
and good ol' rancher Sam Morecows who only needs 4 of the damned things and
you cannot drive a truck easily to Harriman in May,1953 even if you could
find a truck in Chian or find Harriman for that matter since it didn't even
exist until Feb, 1953.

Mike Brock

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