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lawrence Jackman <ljack70117@...>

Then you would be foolish to ship four tractors when you can ship 10 for
the same rate. I have seen many box car loads of home appliances move on
the carload but the rate is paid to the final town and the car stooped
to unload a few before it cot to the last town for a small fee. Say the
car was loaded in town A and going to the distributor in town b but he
knew that the dealer needed for in town C. So he orders ten shipped to C
and with a stop in town B where he unloads six and sends the car on to
C. Also all these cars are weighed and at leas back then they would have
this on the weigh bill plus the rate. How it is done today I do not
know. A car load of house hold appliances or tractors or submarine
motors had to meet a minimum weight or you will find yourself in the LCL
department. I never saw a way bill that did not have the weight of the
load on it. And if the bill was marked "est" by the weight we had to
weigh it before delivery. And before the RR would accept an estimated
weight the shipper had to have an agreement with RR on the subject.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
What is the transloading Business today? Is that about the same as a
freight forwarder of my time??
Thank you

tgregmrtn@... wrote:

Mike and all,

Being in the Transloading Business in today's world I have to say I will ship
anything that you want me to in your car as long as it doesn't go over gross
to the car. The rate will be the same THANK YOU. $7200.00 to Nichols siding
in Brooklyn, NY or $7400.00 to most spots in Florida and yes we do ship there
quite often. The point is that most freight moves on a per car rate. But
items like grain, coal, minerals, and bulk commodities move on a per hundred
weight. I think it was this way in the 50's as well, Farm Implements likely
moved just as autos and auto parts on a per car basis. So ship only four but
cover your freight as we would remind you...

Greg Martin

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