Re: Tractors per Flatcar & Rates Charged?

tim gilbert <tgilbert@...>

lawrence Jackman wrote:

Then in that case the distributor would have to ship LCL. If he was
shipping a carload which the manufacture shipped to him, He is stuck
with LCL.
Will be down here this Friday, Saturday or Sunday?????
Not necessarily or so I would think - the shipper could always pay the
minimum carload rate if the total dollars were less than what it would
be for LCL. If the minimum weight of a carload for a specific commodity
was 20,000 pounds, and the weight of the shipment was only 12,000
pounds, then if the LCL rate was more than 167% the Carload rate, then
it pay for the shipper to "carry 8,000 pounds of air," and get the

Tim Gilbert

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