Re: Tractors per Flatcar & Rates Charged?

Ted Culotta <ted_culotta@...>

--- lokisgodhi <aconite@...> wrote:
J. Stephen Sandifer wrote:

"In the early 50s it was not unusual for a box car
of appliances to
stop at 2-3 locations to unload part of its load."

What keeps a dealer from from taking more items than
his order from a
These items were probably delivered to a team track
where unloading could be supervised or else made
available at a named point and time. Although it's
possible that they could have been "live" unloaded
(set out and unloaded while the crew waited), I doubt
that could have been very common since it would have
been expensive to have a train crew sit while somebody
pulled off their lading.

Ted Culotta

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