Re: P2K rectangular panel resin replacement roofs available

Todd Horton

Tom, I haven't tried to take one of these off. Are they molded on the car body?
Todd Horton

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Sent: Fri, June 10, 2011 8:27:23 PM
Subject: [STMFC] P2K rectangular panel resin replacement roofs available

I've run another batch of cast resin replacement roofs for the P2K 50' auto car.
As most of you know, the raised panels on the original roofs are too wide and go
all the way to the roof edge. The replacement roof pattern was made from milled
sections of IMWX rectangular panel roofs, and the join is invisible. See these

I have 30, they are $6 each, First Class Mail shipping within the US is $2.50
per order. (Some manufacturer once said the box is the most expensive single
item in any kit. I now believe him!)

If interested contact me OFF LIST at tcmadden (at) q (dot) com. (Yes, that is
the letter "Q".)

Pay Pal, checks, money orders OK.

Tom Madden, boutique casting R us OFF LIST!!!!

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