Re: USRA boxcar door track question.

Tim O'Connor

Probably just for strength. As the heavy door moves to the left, there's
more weight borne by that part of the door track, so extending the track
distributes the load across a wider support area. I'm assuming the upper
track carried most of the weight of the door -- a "top hung" door.

Tim O'Connor

At 6/11/2011 07:22 PM Saturday, you wrote:
While working on some models recently, I had cause to wonder about the upper door track configuration on the USRA single sheathed boxcar. Why did it extend to the left of the door? I searched the archives and found someone had asked the question a while ago, but apparently received no answer!

I have looked in several sources (including the Lane article and White's freight car book) with no result.

Pieter Roos

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